Allweather canopy for kindergarden and school


With this complete system sail you will enhance the quality of your kindergarden: it is a four seasons’ membrane to protect your children while playing outdoors, simplifying everyday life for both teachers and children. At last, there is a year round sail for your facility which provides protection from sunshine and heat as well as rain and even snow.

 This means that the children do not necessarily have to leave the outdoor area when the weather changes – extreme sunshine, rain or snow; minimising the backwards and forwards between the indoor and outdoor areas. It’s easy to have a picnic in the rain.


  • Installation is completed in a few steps (see the pictures on the right)
  • Place the foundations e.g. anchor foundations.
  • Align the masts.
  • Attach the sail to the masts.
  • Fasten the tensioning devices.
  • Done!


  • Sun protection
  • Transparent PVC coated membrane fabric
  • Waterproof structure
  • No anchoring cables, no danger of tripping
  • Dirt repellent coating
  • Wind stability up to wind force 6
  • Snow load bearing up to approx. 15cm of snow
  • Flame retardant in accordance with Fire Protection classification 1
  • Durability with hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Simple to install (do it yourself)
  • 3 years’ guarantee


The all weather sail is available in other colours and dimensions on request. For example 5m x 4m or 6m x 4m in a trapeze shape. Give us a ring …


Montageanleitung Allwetter Segel 4x4m (568.19 kB)
Fundamentempfehlung für Allwetter Segel (dt.) (144.16 kB)