For most of our membrane constructions we use PVC-coated polyester fabric. This is a translucent material made of a PES-carrier tissue. The surface is coated with a dirt-repellent topping made of acrylic paint (short: PVC-S). An even better dirt-repellent effect can be realized due to a PVDF-paint (short: PVC-fluotop).

Apart from the type of surface treatment PVC-coated polyester fabrics have got great advantages in reference to the lifetime, fold ability and UV resistance. The lifetime can be guaranteed up to 15 years, the average lifetime is even 20 years. Another advantage of this fabric is the flame resistance (B1 / DIN 4102) which makes a versatile use possible. Besides the translucency of 5-10% these membranes offer a huge scope of interesting possibilities. The use of PVC-S is available for moveable or fixed structures; PVC-fluotop is primarily used for fixed constructions.

Examples for the use of PVC-coated polyester fabrics:
Allweather canopy
Carport, Osnabrück

The following projects are made of PVC-Fluotop:
Allweather canopy
Hafencity Schule, Hamburg