PTFE („Tenara“)

As an alternative to the listed fabrics we can offer Tenara. Comparable to teflon coating this fabric is characterised by its almost self-cleaning effect. Other mentionable qualities are the UV resistance and the non-combustibility like PTFE-coated glass fibre membranes. The manufacturer guarantees a lifetime of 15 years, but the average lifetime is 30 up to 40 years. Another significant advantage is the resistance against kinking. Even repeated folding and bending does not impair the quality of the fabric. Due to this the use of tenara is favourable for moveable structures, e.g. foldable roofs or umbrellas. As a result of the high translucency of 19-38% the outdoor use of this fabric is quite interesting for structures where a high light transmission is desired.

The following project is made of tenara:
Shade roofs, Kos
Ventilation Tower, Oslo