PTFE-coated glass fibre

An alternative for membranes with an even better quality is PTFE-coated glass fibre (short: glass fibre-teflon). In this case the surface finish is made of a teflon-polymere with an almost self-cleaning effect. This great advantage is very interesting for maintenance-free projects. The fabric is non-combustible (A2 / DIN 4102) which is very important for some projects. The average lifetime of the material is at least 30 to 40 years; the UV resistance is comparable to the other fabrics and also very good. Membrane constructions made of PTFE-coated glass fibre have got a translucency of 8- 25%. Due to this the atmosphere under these structures is a very light and comfortable. The use is recommended for permanent constructions. Shortly after installation the fabric is still beige but after a few months it fades completely and turns bright white.

The following project is made of PTFE-coated glass fibre:
Hafencity Schule, Hamburg
Entrance canopy Berufsschule, Aarau